Atom -how to get the picture on the screen?

I am new to Naim, and have an Atom and in the shop the screen showed the album covers when playing via Spotify but since I have set mine up I have no pictures, any suggestions please? TIA Tony

Does it display the radio station logo, when playing internet radio stations?

I have an Atom HE, to display the album covers you have to switch that feature on in settings.
Go to settings, select other settings

Then select display and make your choice.

Thank you, I have gone into display and it shows exactly as your screenshot. See screenshot attached. Still no picture.

Very valid question from NoNaim … does the screen show radio stations? If not, then there might be something wrong with the Uniti …

Hello, yes it does show the radio channels logo on the display

Good, so the display as such seems to be working. Do you have any other music source with album covers?

E.g., if you have properly tagged music files which have album cover pictures embedded (or a folder.jpg in the album folder), put them on a USB stick and plug it into the Atom.

  • In the Naim app, tap the “Server” input. The Naim app should now show the music on the USB stick, sorted by the metadata and with the album covers displaying - if the covers are there, your files are working fine.
  • Play one of the files. Does the cover show up on the display?

If this is not an option, or as an additional test, you could also get a free trial account for Tidal and/or Qobuz and try with that. It would help narrow down where the problem is.

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