Atom input question

I have set up my new Atom but although selectable from the app I cannot seem to select the music server or Tidal inputs from the remote or front screen input buttons. They only give me the options of Bluetooth and iRadio as choices. I have disabled the additional unused inputs via the app but music server and Tidal are definitely enabled.

Anything I am doing wrong?


PS Replacing an original UnitiQute this really is a sophisticated bit of kit. After less than a week it is already ‘coming on song’ and I added my recently serviced chrome bumper 250 this am to impresive effect. It is driving SBLs.

No, this is how it is set up to work with the remote, it’s not like the UQ remote. Though if you use presets or favourites in Tidal, they will show through the remote - you can play around with that to see how it works.

Thanks Mike.

App always it is.


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