Atom into a pre amp

Is it possible to use Atom as a streamer into a pre amp by any chance?

Yes you can, there is quite an uplift in sound, even the dealer at AudioT in Portsmouth was amazed. I used my Atom into a NAC202 while I waited for my NDX2 to arrive. The biggest issue is that you will have two active volume controls, I set the Atom volume control at 60 I think that’s what it was as it was a while ago, and I used the NAC 202 as the main volume. You will need to ensure you have the correct phono to DIN interconnect, your dealer can advise. It’s not ideal but it’s a good short gap if you are saving for an NDX2 or other streamer.

It’s possible, but all the Unitis are designed to use a separate power amp rather than a pre or integrated for situations where the speakers need more power. So it may make sense as part of an upgrade plan, but as a one-off move, a power amp probably makes more sense.

How would it be connected?

The Atom has RCA output sockets. So a regular RCA cable will be fine, with whatever plugs you need at the other end for the power amp.

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