Atom iradio stops playing

Hi folks, my Atom internet radio sometimes stops playing 6 times a morning. Quite annoying. I’ve tried with and without Cable by Wifi. Same result. Slightly better with Wifi… My Cable company tested my internet connection. The verdict was superb connection. If there would be a latency problem it would also occur listening Tidal and watching 4K tv! Has someone any idea to help me out, with my brand new Atom.

Hi JeWe and welcome,
Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with drop-outs.
It sounds possibly network related but without knowing if you have any wifi additional access points, boosters or suchlike, and not knowing who your ISP is or if you’re using their own supplied modem/router, it’s really hard to diagnose.
Any additional information about your network might help in diagnosing the issue.
There are people with far more network knowledge than me who might be able to help.

My ISP have tested my signal for two days in a row.
The result, flawless connection. They also said that if there is a connection problem it would also occur by listening Tidal and for sure watching internet 4K TV. That’s not the case here. Only iradio stops playing. My previous streamer didn’t had any problems the last seven years playing radio.

Does this affect every iradio station or are you mainly noticing it on one? What station is it if so and which country are you in?

It does happen with multiple stations. Even when I tune in with a lower bitrate using other web adresses on

Even with a good internet connection, sometimes the way wifi and internal network is implemented may present problems.
I have previously experienced issues with streaming of some sources when others work fine.
I have also experienced issues when I “upgraded” to a new ISP supplied router/wifi unit with some Naim items “disappearing” from the network yet others didn’t.
I reinstalled the old unit and everything worked fine, so there must be a setting within the new router unit that my network (and or Naim gear) doesn’t like.
Prior to that, I once had a wifi access point with (accidentally) slightly different security settings configured and that really messed things up but took me a while to discover. Once corrected, it worked properly and reliably.
There are so many variables in a network which is really why I asked what your network is, make, model, any additional “boosters” or wired in wifi access points, mesh or otherwise.
Just because you can stream to your 4K TV doesn’t mean everything will work for every item on the network.
Lastly, can you share which radio station(s) are problematic, where in the world you are (in case there is a local issue) and then someone might be able to tell you if they experience the same problem(s).

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Hi Blythe,
The only alteration in my network the last 5 years was adding the Naim Atom last december. At this moment I listen mostly to Naim Radio and the Dutch public NPO broadcasting.
My ISP is Ziggo/Vodafone for more than two decades now.

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I sometimes have this as well. And I had similar issues with Roon, when I was a subscriber.

I traced it to micro dropouts on the LAN / WIFI network on the router itself. Unlike streaming files, the streamer cannot buffer internet radio or multicast such as Roon. So when this occurs playback just stops and does not restart.

I have confirmed that at those specific moments the network on my mesh router has an actual problem (ie, I can also see connection to my computer drop out for a second and recover). But then the playback is already stopped.

I have a Netgear Orbi Mesh system.

Not saying it is the same but momentary drops of the home network will cause what you are experiencing.

I have sadly not found any solution to this specific problem and am now living with it and have cancelled my Roon sub.

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