Atom issue on start up

When switching Atom on after my wife has previously been listening to internet radio on fairly high volume, it automatically commences playing that same radio station at that volume. When starting up after I have switched off after streaming from UnitiServe or NAS the Atom simply awaits my next command without playing what was previously selected.

Does anyone know why this should be and how, short of asking my wife to turn down the volume prior to switching off, this can be avoided? Small issue, but quite annoying.

I experienced the same. When playing internet radio before switching the Atom off, it will continue playing after switching on again. For all others sources I have tried (NAS, Roon) it will not continue to play automatically.

Seems like a very similar issue to / part of the issue I’ve reported here:

I agree, it’s irritating. Is your firmware to to date? The recent update version 3.3.0 has added the Stop Stream button for iRadio which was missing. If you can persuade your wife to use this rather than just switching off, it might help.

I suspect this is where I get hoist by my own petard! I’m contentedly sticking with 2.6.1, as I need none of the so called improvements and the sound is lovely. This probably means I have given up all rights to moan about anything. Ho hum, at least I’ve never had a screen freeze!

I know there will probably come a time when Naim refuse to even recognise me if I fail to ‘update’ (shades of Microsoft) but I’ll cross that bridge should I ever come to it!

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