Prevent opening app from turning a device back on

I have a problem where whenever I open the app, it turns the device I last used it with back on if turned off. This is even when the app has been closed since last use.

I would expect simply opening the application to not change the current state of any of my devices. Certainly not start playing at the last used volume (I think this is only if the last used service used was Internet radio). As one device is in our bedroom, this makes opening the app to control one of the other devices quite risky at times.

Is this a known bug? Or is there some setting I’ve missed.

P.S. I asked support this (and one other question), and have not had a reply beyond the automated ones on either for over a month, despite asking for an update twice since. Have support gone AWOL? On previous occasions response was always prompt.

It has always done this with my two Qbs. They are set to switch off automatically after a while so it’s never really bothered me.

I’m not sure it’s a bug so much as a design feature… But there is a simple work around to have the behaviour you prefer: if you use the app to set the device to standby (under the gear icon at top right) rather than just letting it switch itself off, then it does not power on when you open the app (you start the app in the “select room” screen). Hope this helps.

Regards alan

But that does require you to always use the app. As I walk by the device when leaving the room it’s easier to just press the button. Or someone else might use another means than the app on my personal phone, I don’t live alone.

If it’s by design (I still think it’s a bug), it should IMO only do so when the app remains running, certainly when the app has been closed/stopped, it shouldn’t change any states.

Indeed not everyone likes the program behaviour (wake last device in use by app), but naturally some do… My own preference is always to have a user-selected choice, but we do not have that in place at this time. Maybe (like the added setting for screen on or off) it will be added… perhaps you could share your idea as a feature request to Naim? Good luck with your own workarounds… maybe you can land on a protocol that maintains silence even if the device switches on, and see if that takes some of the frustration away for you and yours.

Regards, alan

I tried to share it, but as mentioned support/naim seems to be AWOL. I find this rather unprofessional, to not be able to provide any answer for over a month. This despite multiple requests for an update and on two separate requests.

As a recent member to the Naim community (Muso 2) it did not take me long to conclude that software is not Naim’s forte. I rarely use the app. I’ve remained with the LMS server and Orange Squeeze.

n-lot, what’;s your support ticket number? If you let me know I’ll get in touch with Naim and see what’s up.

Thanks for the offer. REF:EA4CD8AAF5E5E911841E00155D0AC202. I did just get a reply, even though they mixed up my two requests, but at least someone is looking at it. Thanks.

OK good to hear they’re on it.

They will only switch off if idle, I use that setting. My issue is that it starts playing a radio stream, so isn’t idle.

And even if it did turn itself off, you don’t want to it to start playing for 5 min (lowest value) either. For example when you had it loud upstairs, but now the children have gone to sleep. Or Barry White starting to blare loudly from the bedroom when you’ve just wanted to put on some background music for your visiting in-laws.

That would be awkward :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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