Atom Issues

Hello. My 4 year old Atom has developed 2 issues. Firstly there is a faint but clearly audible intermittent buzzing noise from both speakers. The buzzing stops if I pause the stream (radio, Spotify etc) but continues if the sound is muted. It’s independent of volume and source. It’s intermittent and probably happens 5 percent of the time.

The second issue is it sometimes won’t switch on (by the remote, the app or the power button on the unit). If I disconnect and reconnect the power lead it then powers up and works ok for a while before giving up again a few days/weeks later. Latest updates installed and it’s been ongoing for about a year.

I’m based in Spain so sending it for repairs is not straightforward. Has anyone else had these issues? Any views on the likely success of the repair are welcome given they are intermittent issues. I’m worried I’ll go to the expense and effort to send it and they might not find the cause of the problems. Thanks

Re the buzzing try a different Ethernet cable or if wireless try a cable.
Power on issue - try a full factory reset. If it persists then yes a repair required or just leave it on.

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