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Testing and running a new Atom and have experienced some issues. Firstly AirPlay dropped out intermittently and then dropped out entirely. Atom was reset and then played normally before dropping out again. Reset and restarted but began jumping again before playing wrong selected track and then not letting me select anything. Then hardwired my router to the Atom which seemed fine with AirPlay so retired happily to bed.

Day two and dropping out has resumed over AirPlay, hardwired. Drop was intermittent at first but then dropped out entirely and interaction with my phone resulted in nothing. Atom restarted and tried again. Used the Naim app to stream from Spotify hardwired and same issues occurred, screen frozen on Atom, phone unresponsive. Tried Naim radio and it played fine, returned to Spotify and still unresponsive. Atom power cycled and playback resumed. At all times there was one other user on the network or I was using it solo. My internet connection was solid and my speed was a constant 130mbps+

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

I’d go back to basics in a situation like this, factory reset the Atom firstly, uninstall the Naim app on your phone and do a soft reset on it, assuming iOS, you want to see the Apple logo twice on startup whilst holding specific buttons.
Then reinstall the Naim app from App Store afresh and setup the Atom as before.
Ensure you have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled at all times as these are required for setup using your phone/tablet.
Check you have nothing obvious in proximity of the Atom that may be a source of interference (devices that use the 2GHz spectrum) such as DECT phones, baby monitors and so forth.
It’s also worth doing a reboot of your Internet equipment periodically anyway, your router and any Wi-Fi extenders. If you have a router supplied by your service provider, you can do a factory reset on that as a further step to flush out any conflicting settings as one example and to ensure it’s up to date in terms of firmware.


The thing that’s confusing me is the radio working when Spotify/Airplay aren’t. I’m also hardwired to the router so imagine WiFi issues are discounted.

I shall do the other things you suggest and see how it goes. Thanks for your input.

Update. Did everything you suggested and have just had drop out on Spotify through the Naim App

You say through the app, i think Spotify runs via its Connect feature direct to the Atom.

Are you using the Spotify app directly?

I’m using it from the Atom and not via AirPlay, I’m just selecting tracks on my phone. Dealer is swapping it out for me so might opt for a Nova

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