Atom on Special Offer

“2. No resale is allowed within 12 months of purchase”

Sounds dubious to me as well and makes me suspicious on what is happening here although I would have thought that Naim’s legal team has OK’d it.

Just for my curiosity, hopefully some legal beagle will pass by and make a comment on this.

That’s not enforceable. I’m a legal ignoramus but I know that won’t fly. They can be draconian on the warranty. They might even go so far as to refuse to sell a flipper (someone who buys to sell on for a profit) any more Naim gear. That would be highly unlikely and at the discretion of a dealer.

I would imagine they just need some room at HQ for the “next big thing” and there are just too many atoms sitting around. The re-sale prohibition is probably aimed at someone buying just to sell on e.g. my dealer getting me to buy 10 nudge nudge wink wink…

But then again I’m usually wrong about these things.


I would be a bit surprised if they had lots of Atoms in stock because Naim generally don’t build things at Salisbury for stock and secondly they have no room for storage of stock there either. Perhaps they had a big cancelled order!


ISTR this product comes from China so they might well have a container load! :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong though… I don’t want to sling aspersions around which are inaccurate or plain wrong! :frowning:

That’s completely wrong. The Atom is hand built in Salisbury. Only the mu-so and the Qb is made in China.

100% apologies all round. I shall fall on the sword.

I believe the price effectively went up by approximately this amount recently due to the non-HMDI version being withdrawn.

I know a few people have been miffed by this as they intended to buy without HDMI - wonder if it could be connected to this, bit of good PR. Long shot but could be.

Great product, no obvious flaws, not sure what significant improvements could be introduced that didn’t also apply to the Star or Nova.


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Are the preamp out connections out the back from the preamp or to the preamp (i.e. could you hook this up as an input to a 252)?

Alexa, play some teeny bopper crap and order me some loo roll

I was also interested in this method to use it as a deck, but this would make the amplifier section redundant. But would this be safe for the amp because i understood that the amp needs to have a resistive load to stop damage to its self ?

It would seem that this is not the case.
The question of disconnecting the amp has been asked many times and the consensus is that no damage will be caused by using the pre out to feed another power amp. Indeed, Naim themselves document it on their website.

It’s a pre out, intended for adding a separate power amp. If you use it into a preamp or integrated, it will go through two preamps and two volume controls, which would not be ideal.

I used to use the Atom preamp out to a NAC202 with NAP200, the resulting SQ was much, much better than the straight Atom or the Atom into the NAP200. I used to set the volume on the Atom to full and use the volume control on the NAC202. Eventually I upgraded to an NDX2 which is a significant improvement, but as a stop gap the Atom worked well as a streaming source.

presumably not ideal though as you would be pushing the sound through an inferior pre in sequence before the more superior pre if using a 252? which would be a waste of a 252?

It’s not ideal but it does work well and was used as a stop gap until I got the NDX2. The Atom into the NAC 202 was a big step up in SQ over the Atom on its own and the Atom directly into NAP 200. As a method to upgrading it was ideal. Try and audition it in a store, when I did the audition myself and the shop manager were gobsmacked at the improvement on this strange mixture of kit. You wouldn’t want the Atom into the NAC252 and whatever power amp you have to be your final system, the Atom would need to be upgraded to something more suitable. Just use it to stagger the cost of upgrading.

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Using the Atom with a NAC 202 and NAP 200 is a waste of money. If you already have the 202/200 then a used NDX or NDX5 2 is a better option for the same price as an Atom.
The Atom is what it is. Sounds fine in a smaller room with efficient speakers. No point in adding preamps,power amps or streamers. If that’s what you want don’t get an Atom in the first place.

As I said in my case it was used as a stepping stone to a larger system, and in the context of my upgrade it worked well. I went from the standalone Atom then added a NAP200, then added a NAC202, then NAPSC and HCDR, then finally an NDX2, then the Atom was used elsewhere. Each step had a significant improvement in SQ. I assume you have tried it?

I do use a Unitiqute2 with a 64GB Sandisk Flashdrive with some 600 songs on it in .wav as an occasional streaming option into my 252/300 where the CDS3 is the major source. It actually sounds pretty good by comparison. Not quite the PRAT of the CDS3, more of a rounded out SQ, but Ok for house parties…

The Atom wouldn’t be right in your situation. One of the newer streamers would be the best upgrade path as you already have the 252. My misunderstanding I thought you had the Atom and were looking to upgrade to the 252 etc.