Atom playing at Mu-so or others?

Hi, owning the atom now since 2 weeks and looking for the opportunity to connect to external speakers via streaming. First of all assuming this will only work with the Naim Mu-so’s?
It’s just for a smal private “office room” with less than 10 sqm, will the smal one fit therefore and what about the sound quality, anyone using it like this?
Thanks in advance

If you use Naim’s multiroom, you will need to use another Naim streamer. The smaller Muso QB might be an option.
There are alternatives. If you use Apple AirPlay or Roon, you can use their multiroom systems to play to any non-Naim hardware that supports them.

I may be wrong, but if you can still get hold of a chromecast audio, I assume multiroom would be avaialble via google cast.

That would work too, it’s discontinued now but you can still find them.

Thx, Chromecast Audio is stil available over here, so I will give it a try at first.
If this doesn’t work well I will check the QB to see if I am satisfied with sound of it.
Airplay does not show any info via the atom display, not that nice in compare with other posibilities.

For a one box I can really recommend a Qb

@LindsayM assuming you like the sound and have heared it. Struggeling to order and to resend if I don’t like it, but need to listen at the final place to decide about, even a dealer might not like this,(

Got the QB now which works fine for what it should (multiroom and smoth and nice looking beside the output)
This one solved,)

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