Atom power/stand-by problems

Dear all,

I have a Naim Uniti Atom with power problems.

  1. It seems that it doesn’t go into standby modus but goes off instead. After this my remote doesn’t start up the system. Instead I have to push the power button on the Atom itself. It then starts up again which takes 40 seconds

  2. When there’s a cd player is hooked on via the analogue in, the power of the Atom turns off after 20 minutes while playing a cd as if there is a time out.

Anyone recognizes these problems and knows how to solve them? Thanks

Hu, you will need to adjust your standby settings:

Ok, thanks! How do I change these settings?

Use the app to change settings

  • From the app home page, press the ‘cog’ in the top right corner
  • Select ‘other settings’
  • From there you can set the auto-off time.
  • If ‘Server mode’ is ticked it will wake faster, the network is kept alive. This mode takes 2W.
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OP says his remote won’t wake the unit, so I think a different issue.

You need to check settings and/or
do the reset
(as I did)

True, this problem has not been resolved unfortunately

Ok, thanks for your help!

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