Atom RCA out to Sonos 5?

Thinking of a way to connect a Sonos multi room set up to my Atom. As the Atom has an RCA out could I just connect this to the Sonos 5, which has an RCA in? From there I could connect by WiFi my Sonos 5 to other Sonos on the system?

I appreciate that the intent of the Atom RCA out is for a sub or pre amp, but am thinking the above should work? Any risk of damage?!

What do you want to do - play music on your Sonos system through the Atom or from the Atom through your Sonos ?

The former. Basically I want a way to use the atom to play music all over house with my existing Sonos set up. Also I’m interested to see if the 5 could act as a “mini sub” to the Atom.

Getting music from Sonos to Atom would be better using something like the older Connect or Port with the digital output. Less faffing about.

You could use a stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect the headphone out of the Play 5 to the Atom. This will mute the Play 5 so you’ll need to unplug the cable if you want to use it normally. You’ll also need to adjust the Sonos volume each time. A dedicated Sonos box like the Port or Connect would be better here.

If you want to go the other way, then you could use the same cable in reverse into the line in of the Play 5. Be aware that the pre out of the Atom is variable and due to latency across the Sonos network, the Atom local playback will be slightly out of sync with the rest of the Sonos speakers through the house.

Not sure about the Sub idea - personally I don’t think it would work using a Play 5 - it wouldn’t be very effective in that role.

You may be able to use AirPlay to add the Atom and Sonos to a multiroom group.
Not all Sonos stuff supports AirPlay, and not all sources will play via AirPlay, so how effective this is will depend on how you listen to music, but it would be easy to set up.

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Yep the delay could scupper this idea.

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