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Hi all, not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or if it’s been discussed previously but I’ve had a Unity Atom for a couple of weeks and absolutely love it, it just has one annoying snag, I cannot turn the screen off unless I unplug it! When I power off the unit goes off but the screen remains on regardless of what input (or home) is currently in use, any ideas?

I had a Cyrus av processor many years ago, I used to sit an old credit card in front to cover the display.

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How do you have it configured in the app. Off during playback or On during playback?
And how does the music end, by Pause or by letting the album play to the end?

Both on and off during playback TBH and I pretty much always end with a pause not a playout so that’s a very good point.

Yeah, in this case it is not easy to really understand, by observing it, how it chooses the display off/on. So here’s what the (odd, IMHO) expected behavior is:

  • By default ( ‘display off during playback’ disabled):

    The display will turn off after 12 hours if audio is playing. (“If audio is playing” includes pressing the Pause button, as this counts as “still playing”).

  • When the ‘display off during playback’ setting is enabled via the app in Settings → Other settings:

    The display will turn off after 10s when audio is playing. It will wake up in the event of:
    front panel proximity sense (Uniti only)
    remote buttons are pressed (volume etc.)
    the play source is changed (not when changing between content from within the same source)

  • Regardless of the position of the ‘display off during playback’ setting:

    When audio is not playing (i.e., reaching the end of an album or playlist, but not when pressing Pause), the display will turn off after 20 minutes (if using the default auto standby period the system will enter standby at this point).
    Of course, if the ‘display off during playback’ setting is enabled, then the display is often off to begin with.

Personally, I would prefer “display on when music is actually playing, else off”. I brought this up in the beta thread. Otherwise, it’s a feature request, either for different timeout options or a remote option as robert_h posted above

Brilliant and thanks for the help, I’ll try this when I get home!

If the screen remains on after putting the Atom in standby, I don’t think that is normal behaviour. It’s certainly not how mine behaves regardless of how display off during playback is set.


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True, in standby, only the power LED shall be lighted, everything else (other buttons, logo, display) should be off.
If it’s not, contact tech support or your dealer.

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