Atom screen freezing

Hi all
just wondering if other atom owners are experiencing screen freezing and a unresponsive remote control only way is to turn off at mains and reboot
Any help would be appreciated thank you

The same thing happens on the ND555 media player. Switching it off and on again is the solution for that model too.

Cheers Clive

It’s a known firmware bug which will be resolved, just not exactly sure when but Naim are working on it apparently

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It happens with my Star, I have discovered a way to avoid powering down is to switch to a different input with the andriod app on my phone.

Happened once to me since I have my Uniti Atom. Putting it in deepsleep via remote solved it (remote seemed unresponsive but it worked anyway).


wow… even with the ND555… so all the new streaming platform are concerned ?

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Just contacted my dealership he told me because I got my atom in November of 2018, he informed me the theirs no chance of a refund but if I send it back to him he will send it on too naim to have it checked out. I think I will wait and see if the patch will work thanks for all your replies

I went to Ikea the other day and bought some furniture. When I assembled it at home it turned out that it does not fit the room as I hoped. I thought ‘well, my bad, I should have thought it through more’. Then I went to their website and read that actually you can return any item even if assembled for 365 days since purchase as long as it is not heavily damaged. I took it to the shop and got money straight away without a single question. The reason I am writing this is the fact that when walking through the shop I noticed that they sell wireless speakers now…
What I am trying to say that audio equipment nearly anyone can produce. Most can make very good sounding equipment. You can even buy excellent DIY kits. It’s not a rocket science anymore. These days two things matter: software and liaison with customers. Uniti software is bad. I am not only talking about the screen freeze but about overall lack of options and customisation ( please do not tell me that more options would affect the sound quantity). With the built in hardware we should be spoiled with various options of the unit customisation and sound customisation. It really was disappointing that we had to wait nearly 2 years to be able to switch the screen off. The system is too rigid. During previous software release we were given some updates etc. This time after so many problems reported - nothing.


Screen freeze should be fixed with the latest update.

Ya thanks to late for me already got rid of my atom now using reliable Rega equipment no troubles and great sound

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