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new in this forum. so thanks for having me.

In my Atom, HDMI just does not appear in the list of inputs. Just to be clear, it’s not even disabled, it just isn’t on the list.
Connection is with a brand new Sony Bravia via HDMI eARC port, output set on PCM. Tried factory reset on both devices and updated firmwares, changed the cable, no signs of life.
I’ve seen a couple of messages on this same issue in the forum, but apparently without solution.
Anyone can help?

Hi, you don’t need to manually select HDMI as an input. If your TV has a compatible HDMI ARC output port the sound should automatically be routed to the Atom.

Thanks, did not know that! But, still, no sound.

Not sure if this helps much, but I am using an Atom connected to a new (one week old) Sony Bravia A95K using HDMI. Generally it works fine, but sometimes I find the two devices seem to be aware of each other but not communicating the audio. I also have an optical connection which is very consistent in use, but does not allow the volume of the Atom to be adjusted by (say) the Apple TV input. Not sure which way I will eventually go, but you may be better of just using optical.

I assume you mean by “HDMI does not appear on the list of inputs” that you don’t see the Atom (HDMI whatever) on the array of inputs on the TV screen, you are not I hope referring to the screen of the Atom?

I would check that you have a good quality high speed cable, not just a different cable. Next are you connected to the right HDMI socket on the TV? You can force the TV to select the external audio if available, but of course if no HDMI output is showing up, there is a more fundamental problem. At the moment I would guess either a poor cable(s) or a failed Atom HDMI interface.

Thanks for your tips. A95K is exactly the Sony model I have. And yes, I can’t see HDMI on Atom screen, and neither in the app. Cable is pretty much high quality, 4k and ARC compatible, connected to the right socket. I’ll try anyway to change the cable, but the fact that HDMI is invisible to Atom makes me think more about a hardware failure.

Are you sure it’s not just on the second page on the input screen in the app?

OMG, the second page? Never noticed there is a second page, but I’m on travel now and we’ll be back next week…updates to follow

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Back home and, no, there’s no second page :cry:

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Alebowski, but I’d be surprised if the HDMI input on your Atom ever works. It’s a well documented issue that Naim has dropped the ball and the Atom doesn’t work with the HDMI ARC input on anything but Samsung TV’s.

As others have said, best to use the optical and go with the two remote option since Naim has promised multiple times that they’d fix the issue for Sony, LG etc TV’s and have yet to do so.

I finally gave up and switched to optical myself.

Thanks Smytherines, that’s a word of clarity.
As a matter of fact, optical works pretty well, and the synchronized on/off switch with only one remote is not really an issue.

Works fine with both my Sony TV’s

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Is the output of your TV set to 5.1, this is afamilar problem. The TV is set to output on multi channel, the Atom broadcasts in stereo.

I Changed the output from eARC to ARC and to 2 Channel PCM. It’s an LG GX OLED TV. I have yet to see anyone here who has got the HDMI working as desired for an LG OLED TV from 2020 onwards…if you’re reading this and have, please, for the love of god, send me your full configuration and settings!!!

Toslink Optical is the only reliable way - if you want a 1 remote solution, unfortunately at this point that means paying $$$ to Control4 or Crestron for one of their solutions as they are the only two that have official IP drivers that allow for full zone and media control, and volume when using the optical input vs HDMI.

Would be amazing if Naim was somehow able to create an eARC module for the Unity range that’s converted the multi-channel signal to stereo as I understand that eARC is much more standardized and less prone to the absolute $h&* Show that is HDMI ARC and Naim’s handling of it.

When you state, HDMI is not in the list - is this the list of inputs on the Arom home screen?
Or as well the list in the preferences? (Inside the app. Cogwheel->inpusor so.)

If it does not show in the preferences, you either have a model without HDMI (unlikely, you have a cable plugged in) or the HDMI module is not detected as a hardware component. In the latter case, best contact your dealer, maybe the unit is broken.
(If it does not show in the preferences, stop any trouble shooting with settings, cables, etc.)

It does not appear on the input settings list, like it is not detected. So, yes, I believe it is matter for assistance

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