Atom unity HE and samsung sound bar

Is there a way to listen to the unity atom HE in my Samsung 990B soundbar? Wifi? Bluetooth? Optical?


It likely streams itself or is a bluetooth/chromecast compatible. My Sony soundbar is a Roon end point and I can stream directly to it.

Nothing seems to be working.

Given the output from the atom output is either balanced xlr or rca phono, and your soundbar input is either hdmi or optical, you’ll need to find something that can convert rca stereo line out to optical.

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This is it! Works perfectly. Box is RCA in to Optical out. Out from Naim Atom HE RCA to In Samsung 990B power bar optical. Its a double preamp situation to deal with, no big deal. Will do the trick until i move and reinstall with power amp and speakers.

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This Atom wont stop amaze me. Simple thing probably, but i was wondering about the volume settings between headphones, and sounbar. Well it does remember both last settings independantly. Awesome! No danger of blowing my ears.

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