Atom update problem

Hello. I disconnected my atom from the current and when I reconnected it I entered the update. An hour ago. The power button beats. Is there a new update? how long do i have to wait? what should I do? Thanks

3.8 is in beta and has not yet been released, so the latest is 3.7. Updates usually take about 10 to 15 minutes. Does it have a wired or good wireless connection? Make sure it does, and then try turning it off, unplugging it for five minutes, and then turn it on again.

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I think the latest is 3.7.1 isn’t it HH?

Anyway the pulsing power light is certainly an invitation to unplug it, wait and plug it in again as you say. I recall one or two people found pressing the power button also made the unit sort itself out.


Finally unplug, 5 min, and when connecting it turned on well. I was afraid to disconnect while it showed to be updating (even though there was no pending update)
Everything’s fine. Thanks

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