Atom. Upgrade to Nova or add NAP200

Prompted by the recent thread on Harbeth speakers where it Noted that the P3ESR’s are quite difficult to drive.
I have P3’s connected to my Atom and am (or was until now) happy with the sound.
If I was to provide more power to them, would my best option be to swap the Atom for a Nova or add a 200 power amp.
I know the Nova has a few more connections available but they wouldn’t be needed so this shouldn’t be part of the decision.

Depends whether you want to keep a one box solution in which case Nova would definitely improve your sound. If you intend to move to separates then NAP200 good stepping stone

At the dealer I listened to the Atom connected to the nap 200 dr, with my Focal Aria 926 speakers. The sound was only slightly better than the Atom itself, so I bought a Uniti Star.

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I went down that road, then went for a Nova…i didn’t see that much difference (apart from a little more clout at higher volume).

The Nova however…it took control.


I moved from Atom to Nova to drive my LS3/5a size Proac Tablette 10s and v pleased with results

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