Atom upnp set up question

When setting up my new Atom I encountered a question asking if I wanted to use it as a upnp. I was a little unsure so said no. I do have my old CD’s ripped to a western digital network drive and after set up I had no problem finding the drive in the app and playing them on the Atom. As a basic user I’m happy that all is well, but am unsure what the set up question was actually asking in case I missed something I could be using. Forgive the noob question and any help greatly appreciated.

I think it’s asking you if you want to use the Atom as a UPnP server, which it can do if you want it to serve music files to other streamers on your network. This option can be turned on and off in the app settings menu too.

Hi, thanks ever so much, that makes perfect sense and has put my mind at rest.

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