Atom with future "HDMI eARC" upgrade?

Hello, new to all this Naim and looking to get into the brand after hearing a few demo arounds pals and demo shops etc.
Question, has anyone got any idea if Naim will upgrade their HDMI ARC input to HDMI eARC on the ATOM?
Obviously bitrate and sample rates are high spec on the Atom that allows for pretty much everything the hi-res music world can throw at it,no MQA the exception, but yet having the HDMI ARC, seems like it could soon fall behind the times regarding the TV signal to the Atom if modern Tv’s are now producing HDMI eARC which have much higher audio return capabilities.

Would name offer this upgrade if I asked them? Knowing of course the Atom is mainly a streamer etc and does things wonderfully, I just thought that by upgrading the HDMI ARC would give the device another string to it’s bow regarding tv,movie,and gaming audio signals.

Any help much appreciated.

Keep safe,


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I don’t know all the bells and whistles of eARC. A quick read-up implies, it offers (also) higher bandwidth for audio - but that’s in the context of multi-channel HiRes/lossless codecs. (I guess, we’re at 7.1.4 audio these days in the home cinema world? I’m just an observer on those trends.)

As long as the Atom is stereo only (2.0.0 channels), I’m not sure, how much more it would need?

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