AtomHE - active speakers

A newbie here! I have sold my Muso 2 and purchased an AtomHE and Focal Celestee headphones which will be my main source of listening (75%). I am now looking for a pair of active bookshelf speakers - these will be used for casual/background listening. Budget circa £1k. I am looking to put together a short list of possibilities then “audition”. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Hi, the obvious choice for your budget would be Acoustic Energy AE1. I’m sure there must be others but those are the only ones I can think of and when I had a quick listen a couple of years ago they sounded great to me.

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And, quite handily, there’s a review of them together with the Uniti Atom HE right here:


Thank you. Surround space required to get the best out of the AE1 will be difficult to meet.
Are Dali Oberon C1 active speakers a satisfactory partner for the AtomHE?

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