Attached usb hard drive to Naim Atom

I have attached a USB hard drive to my Naim Atom. It works fine through the Focal & Naim app. On the drive, I have at least 40.000 flac files.

Is it possible to include software on the drive? It is tough to sort and search on the drive. I also have a Blousound Node connected to another system, and now it is possible to structure the content better.
Any ideas

Sounds more like you need a NAS with good UPnP software like Asset or Minimserver.

Sounds like you are accessing the files through the USB input? If so, try looking in the Server input where you will see the same music files under Local Music. Here you can browse by album, artist etc. It’s still basic compared to what some UPnP servers offer, but much better than using the USB input.

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I beleive the Atom is like the Star. So you can set up a Music Store via the app and then add your files and it will catalogue them along with album covers and tracks etc. That’s what I’ve got on my Star with a SSD attached to the rear USB.
First you have to format it through the app to set up the store, So if you have the files stored elsewhere ( as you ought to have a backup) then you could reformat and then copy back via a computer.

You don’t have to set up a Music Store, just put the files on a USB drive and the Atom will scan them.

But do you get the full catalogue that way ie sort by Artist song album. Favourites, etc

It is not impossible to install a NAS in this little summer house. It would be helpful to use some tools to improve the cataloging. I have a fiber cable behind the TV, so it is possible to connect something with an ethernet cable, but I don’t want to install a PC or a Noisy NAS behind the TV. I took two photos, one from the room and one showing the structure on the disc.

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The NAS can be anywhere on your local network, not necessarily in the summer house.

As Chris says, enable the Server input in settings. You still plug the hard drive into the USB, but the Atom reads the tracks similar to a server. So you can search by artist album etc

Next weekend, we will visit the house, and I will try the Server setting. My goal is to have a simple solution.
Can we have a solution on the mobile, an app that can manage the USB drive?

Note that the Server input, which is enabled by default, is where you need to look. That’s where the content of a USB drive appears, and can be browsed on the Naim app by album, artist and genre, with artwork displayed.

What you don’t need to do is enable Server mode in Other Settings. That is only required if you have other UPnP streamers on your home network and you want them to play music attached to the Atom’s USB drive.

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