Attenuated cable for Nait 2

I’m looking for a good quality attenuated cable for my Nait 2. At very low volumes the sound is much stronger on the right channel, then kicks in on the left but at this point the sound is too loud for late night listening.

I don’t need much attenuation, just enough to bypass this early imbalance.

I would suggest you speak to your dealer - they may well be able to add attenuating resistors to an existing cable or make one up for you.

Hi Lee, sounds like your Nait-2 has a similar problem to mine.
The channel imbalance over the first few degrees of the volume pot is a volume pot problem, I had mine replaced when the Nait was serviced, it helped but it was still there.
But yes you are on the right track looking for an attenuation cable as the real issue is the Nait’s input sensitivity is not suited to the 2v outputs of CDP & Streamers.
Attenuation will allow you to move the volume pot further around and away from those first few problem degrees
There are in-line adaptors like the Rothwell RCA available, but for DIN-DIN cables its a bit limited & the only DIN-DIN IC’s with attenuation that I know of are made by Russ Andrews.
I’ve made my own using high quality & larger resisters than can be fitted inside a DIN plug and have the L-Pad mounted in a small box.
I made it for 15dB attenuation, but if I was doing it again I would go for more, something like 19 to 24dB

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We all used to get these cables from Flashback Sales before the good man passed away and the business was closed. Various levels of attenuation, cable quality and terminations possible at the time, never a worry.

Nowadays there are several companies that built cables, such as Bespoke Cables and Mark Grant and undoubtedly many others.
And of course, as suggested by our forum host, your dealer might be able to help you by adapting an existing interconnect.

Thanks everyone, very helpful.

What is the source? If it has RCA outputs then, as mentioned, Rothwell do some good attenuators but make sure you order the correct ones: there are source and input ones (standard). I found that -15dB worked well with my Nait2 and gave me a lot more headroom with the wee beastie.


I’m using a Rega Apollo-r as source with a chord interconnect into a din adaptor. One of those, something like Mayware i think it is.

I’ve been using a passive preamp (Schiit Sys) with my Nait 2 - I can attach my Rega DAC and CDX to it. Using ReplayGain (via LMS) with the Rega means I can set the volume once and then get a consistent volume level.

I had one. Worked well with my Arcam & Rega CDP’s.
Didn’t need it once I got my Naim CDX2… so sold it on.

CDP’s have a higher-than-2V spec output does not help … :expressionless:

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Avoid this if possible, better get the right DIN cable.

“make sure you order the correct ones: there are source and input ones (standard)”

What is the difference? Does it make a big difference if I get the wrong one?

Yes a big difference, the resister network is an L-Pad and as such have a specific calculated impedance (resistance) on both input & output.
Installed the wrong way round will present the wrong impedance to both source & preamp.

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Thanks. That makes sense.

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