Audio Delay on NDX 2

Hello, I have my TV connected via optical cable to my NDX 2, which is running to my SN 3. The system worked really well (and sounds great too), but recently it developed a very noticeable audio delay (the sound lags the video). I have reset and rebooted everything, and checked to make sure the TV was set to PCM output - all with no luck. There is no delay when using the TV’s built-in speakers, so the de-syncing occurs when using the optical output to the NDX 2.

Any similar experiences? If so, any advice or suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

I did experience a delay after having run multiroom of the TV audio to my kitchen Muso-QB. Very annoying, but it did resolve after re-booting. I’m not sure if there was ever a fix, as I have have stopped using multiroom of the TV audio just in case.
It it was a pain!

Did this include the TV itself ?

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It can be a tricky one to resolve, you really have to try unplugging and rebooting everything in the chain.

You may find your question posed in the Home Theatre section, might be more apprioriate.
You don’t mention tv make, but a quick check of samsung web site, details a setting in Sound > Expert Settings. Most recent tvs have similar settings and you can advance or retard the sound syc by a small margin. I use a piano piece to set mine. You may find that whatever your setting, different progs will not be exactly the same and by experiment, see what is the best compromise.

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I had the exact same thing happen with my NDX2 a couple of times. Turning off multiroom fixed the issue every time. I’m assuming the lag is there with multiroom to help buffer the output to the other devices.

Somewhere on this forum, it has been answered at least twice, once raised by me. I cant recall the full details, but it’s something to do with the time it takes to process the PCM data down the optical link. It can be circumvented on some TV’s that have an option to adjust the video/sound sync

Indeed, there’s going to be a bit of latency (and also in the NDX2 itself) which is not normally noticeable. The OP had this working fine but now there is a noticeable delay, hence the various suggestions on how to fix the issue.

A sincere thank you to everyone. Before my original post, I tried to adjust the timing on the TV; however, my (~4 year old) Sony Bravia only as an automated sync feature. There is no ability manually accelerate or delay the audio by a certain number of MS.

Before my original post, I rebooted the SN3 & NDX 2 and the connected TV, but it did not resolve it. I never thought that the multiroom feature could have been the cause, but we were using the multiform feature for music just before this started. So I rebooted everything again and also rebooted the Nova in the other room, and ensured multiroom was deselected on both systems, the sync issue was resolved.

I don’t know whether it’s coincidence or otherwise, but I’m very grateful for the suggestions regarding the multiroom function.


Brilliant resolution. I’ve never used Multiroom, but just looking to see where the option is, but cannot see it. Can you tell me how you disabled it?

With pleasure. On the remote, the middle button on the top row brings up the multiroom option and the screen displays the available devices. You can then select or deselect devices. This is how it works on my NDX 2 and Nova (as well as my old Atom), but I’m not sure whether other legacy devices, such as the NDS, have this functionality. I hope this helps; I’m still such a Naim newbie that I doubt I’m of much assistance to anyone. Best of luck.

Many thanks. As I’ve never used it, nothing is selected, so that’ll be effectively disabled.

Multiroom is available to all of Naim’s streamers. To use multiroom you need two or more streamers, all on the same network. Talk of disabling is perhaps confusing. You only see m-room if you have more than one streamer.
Good spot by subsequent posters, because the OP @JazzLover didn’t mention use of more than one streamer or in profile.
Full disabling is achieved only by restarting a streamer.

I have long used multiroom and I have a number of streamers.
The new gen streamers offer the option of selecting m-room from the remote, not so the earlier ones like NDS.

Regardless, the Naim app - I use iOS - if more than streamer appears in “rooms” on the app, they can be operated individually. For multi-room any one unit can distribute to any other units.
To do so, via app, select the primary unit and in the bottom right hand corner you will find a list of other Naim streamers available on the network - older ones need to be turned on, new gen in standby or on. The secondary units remain in m-room, when the master is no longer streaming in m-room, until they are used in isolation.

The fact that multi-room works across older and more recent streamers is testament to Naim’s willingness to continue to support legacy units.
As a member of the beta test team and restricted to comment, I think it likely that multi-room issues are not being ignored; no time scale.

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