Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro

I bought mine in April 2016, and it is one of the most significant upgrades I have ever made. Not only are records quieter after a spin in the AD, they sound better too. Many a battered old LP has been rescued by this machine.

It is very expensive but if you have a lot of records, and buy secondhand (as I do – but I also put brand new records in it as well), then it is an extremely worthwhile investment. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


I bought a Project cleaner a year or so ago, and while it certainly does ‘a job’ it is an incredible chore to use and I really ought to get some ear plugs for when I use it!

I am sorely tempted to look at one of these Audio Desk machines at some stage due to the automated nature of the cleaning and generally enthusiastic reviews - in the grand scheme of vinyl playback I suspect it’s quite justifiable to do the job properly!

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I brought a Beverly Sills LP with me (Bellini & Donizetti Heroines) to my audio repair guy’s shop because I wanted to hear it on his bazillion dollar system. We started to play it and he offered to clean it on his Audio Desk. Ohmygosh, the difference was DRAMATIC. It was so good that everyone crawled out of their cubicles to listen. I wish I could afford one.

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Thanks everyone for contributing. Feedback and reviews seems very positive. The only real criticism seems to be the remaining water drops after extracting the LP, and looks to have improved in the 2019 model.

@apye I’ll probably order one on Friday or early next week. I’ll give you a shout when it’s arrived

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Thanks Graham…:+1:
Have texted you, hope your mobile number hasn’t changed!

My number hasn’t changed but no text

Looking forward to hearing your findings Graham…:+1:

I also own a PRC4 and tested an Audio Desk at a shop around the time they came out. When I brought those same records home and cleaned them on my Loricraft I got better results.

However, this is with a 3-step fairly labor-intensive process very unlike the ease of use of the Audio Desk. I do think air drying is the real limitation of the ultrasonic machines; if you can get a way of vacuum drying a record cleaned on it, it would likely be the best of both worlds.

I assume multiple cleans with any record cleaner would improve results. I’m sure there’s “always a bit more dirt buried in the groove” :slight_smile:

Life is too short to be continually cleaning records, especially by hand. Because the Audio Deck automates the whole process and reportedly gets good results it is a great option.

I don’t know about that: I don’t typically get better results by doing the 3-step process again.

If I was considering an ultrasonic machine, I’d probably look at the V-8 and combine it with something like a Nitty Gritty (or any other vac machine where the record is supported by the label only) for drying.

Are folks using distilled or demineralised water in their Audio Desk cleaners? They say either are ok.

I’ve been using purified water with L’art Du Son on my Loricraft.

After reading up on distilled vs demineralised for record cleaning I’m confused with mixed comments.

Bottom line, are either good enough with the Audio Desk?

Distilled @grahamrussell , as that’s what the dealer who sold it to me advised…

I tried an Audiodesk at the dealer’s too. It didn’t clean one of my test discs (an Oxfam purchase that put a mat on the stylus, even after the AD) but up to then nothing else had either, I later got it clean enough to play with an enzyme cleaner. For routine cleaning the semi automated approach is very attractive but I never did buy the AD and now I see there is another rival from Estonia in the Degritter that looks a bit more servicable, the AD which needs a factory visit for any repairs (pump failure isn’t unknown and the blighter’s glued together). What’s giving me pause on the Estonian one is the direct sales model and the small print in their term and conditions isn’t very friendly.

I immediately discounted even considering it because of that. If there is no UK support then, no matter how good it is, it is not for me.

Thanks @TheKevster. I’ve looked on Amazon and see lots of different distilled waters. Where do you buy yours?

@grahamrussell - I use a brand called APC Pure, they make lab/photographic grade water. Available pretty freely, not just from the River.


Another vote for APC Pure Distilled water. They package well and deliver quickly. They have a website.

Thanks Richard. I’ve taken a look at their website. It looks like ordering a few at a time makes sense to offset the shipping charges.