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Has anyone had any experience of Audio Physic Cardeas with Naim products?

While I haven’t heard the Cardeas on a Naim setup I have heard the speakers (outstanding!) & I am a long time AP Scorpio owner. I feel AP & Naim are a great match (have had the speakers almost 10 years now, many changes, but no big urge to change speakers). Have also heard the Virgo 25’s with Naim years ago, again a great match. One would assume with that level of speaker you would be looking at a 252/300/…. or 552/500/…. level of gear?

I have the 552/300. I had the Avantera plus on demo. They were shipped to me and I had to assemble and position them. Not a fan of this way of demoeing. In saying that I did like the sound, but I would like to demo the Cardeas to make sure I am not missing out.

I have a pair of the Audio Physic Tempo Plus floor standers, circa around 2004. Amplification is a bare NAIT XS2 and source is a ND5 XS2. I listen primarily to jazz and classical (both chamber and symphonic) and it’s a wonderful combination.

Audio Physic make great speakers. Every show I’ve been to (yes, I know :wink:) they have sounded bril’.
I’m pretty damned sure they would sound great on the end of any Naim gear.

Can’t speak for the Cardeas, but I have the latest iteration of the Avanti’s on the end of a 282/200/HCDR. Without question the most obvious characteristic of the overall sound is the huge image - side to side and front to back. I’d say I’m missing (relatively) the height and general transparency but this is more to do with the limitations of the NAP200 & source. On the whole I think the robustness of Naim amps compliment the AP’s need for current whilst at the same time the AP’s holographic sound still comes through even though that’s not a usual characteristic of Naim. Very happy for now, will be happier when the 250DR and Chord’s TT2 arrives. The latter maybe a while off yet though unfortunately. What did you specifically like about the Avanteras and have you managed to demo the Cardeas in the meantime? Intrigued to hear whether the experiences further up the Naim/AP ladder coincide with mine.

No, I did not demo the Cardeas. I am not sure what I am looking for, but will know when I hear it. I don’t get technical with music. I either like it or I don’t. At the moment I am testing the Elac super tweeter with the Kef Reference 3 and will add the new REL subs to each speaker to see if I like the sound. Then I am planning on getting the Magico A3 in for a test with the super tweeter and the RELs which I will buy. Fingers xd. I demoed the S3 Mk1 some time ago and wish I had settled for them. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. Who knows!! Good luck with your APs

Had AP Classic 20 but got listening fatigue with my sn1. Bought Harbeth shl5 plus and everything became magic.

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