Audio quest/naim

Hello, I am thinking I pursache an audioquest rocket 33,bi-wired, to use with my naim nait xs and proac tablette 8.
Someone knows if, could works fine? Thank you very much.

I would definitely not recommend bi-wiring from any Naim amplifier.

Have a read through the FAQ here on speaker cable and Naim.

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Audioquest cable is normally spiralled inside, this makes for low inductance and high capacitance. Kind of the opposite what your naim wants to see. I unloaded my AQ midnight 2 runs when I got a NAIT 5si. If you don’t feel the urge to pay £30/m for NACA5 (I didn’t) linn k20 works fine at £5/m with the correct properties. Don’t bi wire!

OK thank you very much for the advice.
And could I use jumpers,?

The Rocket 33 isn’t spiralled inside, but my experience of it wasn’t positive when I heard it. You can get much better for the money.

I’ve given no detail as it was an “ugh, take it away” type of sound to me - nothing really right - lasted less than a minute on demo. Audioquest do much better, as do many others for the same, or lower price.

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