Audio Technica 60th Anniversary

Audio Technica a releasing two super rare 60th anniversary items. The headphones look beautiful and that cartridge looks a bit special too is that a one piece diamond cantilever and tip?

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No arguments. Those headphones look amazing, and the stylus does indeed appear to be hewn from solid diamond (ok, lab grown!). Here’s hoping Naim do something equally nice for their 40th next year :slight_smile:


No unauthorised commercial links ion the Hifi Corner please. Thanks.

p.s. I like the old picture of Hideo Matsushita cueing up…


Oh yes, sorry for my complicity there Richard.

The link was meant as an informative not commercial link so apologies for the slip but hats off to any member who manages to buy one of the 60 limited edition cartridges from Audio Technica I doubt one will ever be seen let alone heard by us mere mortals.

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I found photos of these Audio Technics items on the net. If you do likewise, look away if you are of a nervous disposition!

The cartridge is particularly gruesome - think Darth Vader’s helmet in miniature in gold, rather than black, and you won’t be far off. And you’re expected to pay a mere $9,000 for the privilege. I would not let one of those horrid things near my ARO, even if I were paid $9,000 to do so. I will be amazed if they find 60 mugs around the world to buy these dogs (and what will the poor mugs do as and when the cartridge needs a new stylus?).

The headphones have wooden enclosures, which Grado did 20-odd years ago. I can’t remember what they cost, but they won’t be replacing my Stax earspeakers and electronic box.

Headphones are a similar price. They are pretty, but covered with Urushi the Japanese lacquer. I know from the world of fountain pens that some people have a violent reaction on skin contact. I wouldn’t want them near my face, which is well considering the price.

So you buy a cartridge on it’s looks?

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40th ?

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Hah, oops X)

(Total wishful thinking on my part, I was born in the early 70s too!)

I think Audio Technica could persuade me to try this cartridge even without a bribe of $9,000 the MC2022 is the culmination of 60 years building cartridges.

Almost every major turntable company has used a rebadged Audio Technica cartridge including Rega and Linn whose new Koil is a pimped and rebadged OC9. I’m a big fan of AT carts and use several Moving Magnet models at the moment and though the unlike AT’s MM models the MC2022 doesn’t have a user replaceable stylus it is covered by their Moving Coil Exchange Program.

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Here are some photo’s of the stunningly beautiful handcrafted headphones.

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Not at all. Some would say that my new, and as yet unplayed, Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua, with its ‘naked’ construction, is ‘ugly’.

But that Audio Technics looks like a piece of gaudy tat that might come, at little or no cost, thrown in with a budget TT.

It is a truly horrid design.

But do, please, feel free to rush out and buy yourself a couple, while they’re still available!

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