Audio technica for rega p6

As per title what audio technica would go well with the rega p6 ether mm or mc
Plus would it mean spacers to the tone arm
Current cartridge is the rega Ania
Looking for a smooth relaxing sound but with out loosing to much detail
Budget £500/600

Is there a reason to move from the Ania, which is a very good cartridge? Much will depend on whether your phono stage is MM, MC, or both. The AT VM760 is reputedly very fine. I have the Ortofon 2M Black, which is very good, with a 2mm Rega spacer to raise the arm.

Phono takes mm and mc it’s the project ds2 valve new model hh , as for why I fancy a change off sound sometimes the ania can sound bright or clinical
I believe the at cartridges have a nice round sound Cuddly sort off sound relaxing if you know what I mean

I swapped from the Ania to my Ortofon because the Supernait 3 has an MM input only and I was keen to ditch the separate phono stage and tidy things up. I asked my dealer what MM to get and the Ortofon was recommended. The AT 760 is reputedly very good. It’s hard to try cartridges so I just went with what my dealer knew worked well with the Rega 330 arm. That’s a bit wimpy I know! With your Ania it may be worth trying the Rega Fono MC, as the two are literally made for each other, before swapping carts.

There was a recent thread on the ania recently. The OP found it a bit bright, not satisfied with some sibilance. On RP6 too.

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I’m not sure I’d call the AT carts “nice round sound Cuddly sort off sound relaxing” - more like clean, lively and dynamic. If you want a less bright and more “cuddly” type sound then perhaps look at a Grado or maybe even a Shure. Actually, how about a Rega MM such as the Elys II - that’s a cart that’s anything but bright, although I reckon that the Exact may well be a much better bet…

I can’t say I found the ANIA bright at all. Just found that the ANIA Pro’s bass floor is a lot better even. If not for the sibilance issue I’d have been perfectly happy with the first one. The rest of the performance of the cart I actually found very pleasing.

If the OP is not plagued by the sibilance like I was I am also wondering why move to cheaper mm. Would the MC not be the smoother option?

Otherwise maybe give the ANIA Pro a try. It solved all my gripes and more.

I’ve just replaced my Ania with a VM95 Shibata.
I was unhappy because Ania had IGD.
No such thing with Shibata, much lower price too.

Thanks for clarifying. As English is not my first language, I understood sibilance as brightness, or some stridency.
How can you describe sibilance ?

Hey no worries at all.

It is when the sibilant sounds in the vocals (such as the S sound) sounds overly prominent and distorted.

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I tend to agree with HH on this one, try a Rega Fono MC before you do anything.

The best sounds I have heard from Rega decks fitted with Rega cartridges have always come from Rega phonostages.

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