Audiolab CDT6000 and Chord M Scaler

So I have a set up combining the Nova with the Audiolab CDT6000 transport providing the best of both worlds as I have 2000 CD’s. I currently use the Nova DAC to replay the stream from the Audiolab transport but am I missing a trick?? Could I bring Hi Res CD to the table with the M Scaler? They say 16* CD quality up to 760 kHz whereas CD is 44.1khz. Any comments and advice graciously accepted….

I have a marantz 30n sacd player. love it

I doubt the scaler will have sufficient data to get you to to 760. For instance out of the dave you need two BNC connections to make that happen. I think you would be better with a chord dac to get the most from mscaler.

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I think you could make far greater gains by upgrading your system to something like NDX2/Supernait that you would by adding an M-Scaler.


You could but…

The Nova digital input can accept 192kHz so you’re not making the most of the MScaler (as Gary mentions you need a dual input Chord DAC)

If you used a Chord DAC and fed the analogue output back into the Nova, it digitises the input at 48kHz.

I could think of better ways of spending 4k

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