'audiophile' switches

Hi all,

In term of sound quaility what is the advantage to change conventional switch for a dedicated ‘audiophile’ one ? What could I expect soundwise if do so ?
Thx for any posts.

Plenty of discussion in the following thread


My advice don’t bother going down this rabbit hole and just buy a good quality regular switch.


Thank you CrystalGipsy.
Incidentally, I LPS-ed my Cisco 8 port switch and my NAS for a couple of hundred Euros and I am not sure it worth the price. They have rather minimal effect in SQ.

I had netgear gs 105, then added a linear ps to it, then Cisco 2960 , then 2 x Cisco 2960 in cascade mode, then Uptone Etheregen, and now added a linear ps to the Etheregen.
Each step was an improvement.


Hi Zoltan,

My experience is that switches do make a difference, whether I would spend £500 is another matter.

My network setup is:
Router > pfSense Firewall > Cisco 2960 > downstream switches.

HiFi = Netgear 8 port switch.
This was powered by a small 9v 1A LPSU.

Having read @frenchrooster less than stellar opinion on the GS105 switch I decided to buy another 2960, this time the Cisco WS-C2960PW-8TT-L, from memory. This comes with an external SMPS.

I swapped in the 2960, oh dear. It was truly dreadful. All the sound qualities I associate with a BAD smps. The small brick is a 48v 0.6A jobby.

I had hoped to hear an uptick in SQ as my Netgear is a 10/100/1000 and the Cisco is 10/100, which should by less noisy, in theory.

48V is very high and despite having a selection of PSU in the loft I don’t have one for this voltage. I did grab a cheapest of the cheap TP-Link 10/100 8 port and one of my SBooster BOTC LPSUs, 5V.

This was much like the Netgear. Subtle differences, but nothing I would like to pick in a blind test.

To me it is fact that Switches, cables etc do make a difference, I would have to be DEAF not to hear this. Whether it is an improvement is far more difficult to pick. I am continuing to live with the TP-Link/SBooster for the moment.

I certainly agree with the position that one should only comment if you have LISTENED to the piece of kit. Theoretical objections should shrink in the face of empirical experience.

Will I try an audio switch? Perhaps. There is a slight whiff of snake oil, in the prices at least.


HP switch and either the PSU in the box or an iFI SMPS - job done and it’ll last for years. Well that’s what I do and the system sounds superb.

Get the best DAC, amp and loudspeakers you can afford.

Agreed - I can’t see or hear the point, but maybe I’m the only one.

It’s strange that you find the Cisco dreadful. Not working good on your mains? Or maybe a default one?
My first Cisco I bought was something more edgy vs the netgear / linear ps.
But as there were so many members here enjoying the Cisco, I tried a brand new one , for a very good price. It was definitely an improvement for me vs netgear / linear ps:
More involvement, bass, prat, textures…

But all is system, room, mains …dependent.

Hi @frenchrooster,

I agree. The 2960 I use as my first switch was fine, and it was touch and go with the Netgear + LPSU, so I had high hopes.

I wonder whether it is the particular type of switch. I deliberately bought it thinking to buy an LPSU for it …but 48v is not commonly available!

This can be powered via PoE so I may try this.

The SQ is PRECISELY what I got a few years when I bought the cheapest of cheap SMPS as an experiment. Top end very emphasised, which with soft brushes and taps is very interesting, with anything more aggresive LOTS of splashing and edge.

I understand. Bad interacting with your mains apparently.
Maybe the English Electric to test?

I wouldn’t hazard a guess.

I am trying to find out the voltage and amps it needs to see over PoE, can’t find it!

If anyone knows I would be obliged.


When I first tried a Cisco, I put it on the floor by my rack, plugged it in, connected it up and it sounded lousy compared to the Netgear GS105 with FRIWO power supply. When I moved it to a nearby table and let it warm up and settle down, however, it sounded much better. This was the Cisco with 240V connection using a kettle plug. The 2960 PD with external PSU and 48V DC jack connector sounded even better. Using a decent mains power cord improved things further.

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I confess, I gave up after 30 min - I will give it another go.

In and warming up.

Tiberio, which model of HP is it. :+1:

I think he uses a Procurve 408, i copied him😁 i picked one up brand new on ebay, it cost about £12, after shipping and a mains plug adaptor it was £25

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Your thoughts pls Gazza. Any good, any benefit etc etc. :+1:

I have a Cisco 2960 and the hp 408 they are slightly different tonally, the Cisco being a tad brighter. I need 2 switches as one is for the tv box etc, i then run audioquest forest under our fireplace to the Cisco which runs the nd555, uniti core. The only reason the cisco is the final switch is i did not fancy plugging a walwart type power supply into my musicworks G3 box with the rest of the kit. Though i did try it and it was fine.

@Gazza is absolutely right

I did a project early this century connecting a well car rental company’s 5,000+ outlets across Western Europe to HQ. Each outlet had several PCs and devices for printing rental agreements. We used HP Procurve 408s in each outlet to facilitate a LAN.

When I decided I needed a cottage LAN, I went for the same HP Procurve 408s. As I worked for a computer networking company I had access to different switches. I tried a few different ones instead of the HP specifically for connecting the HiFi and found none worked better.

I’d describe them as fit and forget - they just work.



Same here.