Audiophilleo2 MK1 + Pure Power vs Audiophilleo1 MK2 SE No PurePower

Used as an SPDIF converter Naim Nova to Innuos Zenith server.

A full week on and the Audiophilleo1 MK2 SE without the Pure Power has totally blown away the AP2 MK1 with Pure Power.

I also added a Wireworld Starlight Ethernet half way in, for the simple reason my USB is the same brand and it is actually the brand Audiophilleo supply with the AP1.

The built in burn in is a superb idea, I don’t even need the system on, it cycles low to high bit rates, I’m now a good 200hrs in, nice as bypassed most the up and downs.

Interesting it really excels with 24bit Qobuz, it is clearly ahead of Tidal now, whereas with the AP2 there wasn’t allot in it.

For now I have a superbly neutral, balanced, detailed, dynamic and emotional setup, I hope I stop here …

IF I where to make future changes it will be to try removing the Cisco switch again, adding a Pure Power to the AP1 SE, I would also love to add Synergistic Research ethernet, USB, and speaker cabling.

But the balance feels just right to me so I hope to ditch the itch.

Great to hear. How do you power/charge the AP1?


Hi Phil, USB from the Innuos I assume, I must admit I never got a clear answer from Audiophilleo or the dealer if this was unique to the AP1 SE, that said the response to should I add I Pure Power was a lethargic suppose so.

I will copy the rap song of Jimdog in Ethernet mania thread: Audiophileo in, Audiophileo out, in, out, in, out, and shake it all about !

Looking up the details, it would seem that you power the AP1 via the USB source entirely. I read all their blurb just saying that it was better with PurePower which would power the clock and output independently of the USB, which is galvanically isolated.

Given that the Zenith has all these noise reducing LPSs it will be much much better than a PC.

What I don’t get is that the main spec improvement of the AP1 SE is the higher data rate on SPDIF and DSD128 support, I don’t get why for CD quality you got improvements. Yes, I’d like the comfort of the display.

I can only suppose your first one was faulty. But hey, you are happy, and I am happy with mine.


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