Audioquest Cinamon v Chord Clearway

Does anyone have experience comparing Audioquest Cinamon and Chord Clearway ethernet cables?

There are more threads & never ending strings of posts on this forum about ethernet cable than any other subject. In all it amounts to a myriad of diverse opinions & no real conclusion(s).
You might try a forum search, but with a forest of goat trails & pot holes I supsect that will not prove helpful.

IME, after a fair amount of experimenting in a group of others with Naim Linn & Cyrus based systems, with different cables from Cat7A to Cat5e, including Cinnamon (not a cable I liked) I concluded that whilst there is an audible difference between cables, its not that great, that money does not buy performance & maybe more important, what sounds better on one system does not do the same on another.

I ended up with MeiCord Opal Cat6 between NAS Switch & Streamer & BlueJeans Cat6 to/from Wireless hub.

I suggest you also think about BlueJeans, Cat6 or Cat6a & noting the Cat6a has a floating (unconnected) screen & avoids you unintentionally connecting grounding noise to the screen.


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I’ve used both.

The Cinnamon is a touch bright and brittle by comparison with the Clearway. I use the Clearway after also trying Shawline and Epic.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks Graeme,

I tried the Shawline, but also prefer the Clearway which I’m currently using.

Just borrowed a Cinnamon and Melco to try out.

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Had Aq cinnamon and found it too bright so swapped to chord which is more realistic

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Compared a Cinnamon to a range of other cables and have to say I didn’t like it at all.

Here, experiences probably diverge. I compared Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cable with Chord C-Stream and Meicord Opal. The Meicord was disappointing and sounded rather diffuse and cloudy. The C-Stream also didn’t have the same resolution and openness as the Cinnamon. So I continue to use the Cinnamon from the Ethernet wall socket to the Cisco 3560 and a second from the Cisco to the streamer. I now use the C-Stream for the TV box and will sell the Meicord again. I respect other experiences and think with Ethernet cables it all depends a lot on the system and how it interacts with the whole network. General recommendations are difficult and only personal testing remains. Anyway, the differences between Ethernet cables didn’t seem like night and day to me, in contrast to the power supply, for example.

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