Audioquest DIN Connector

Hi All - I special ordered a 5-pin to 5-pin 180 degree DIN cable from Audioquest (Sydney) to connect my nDAC to my Supernait (1).
I’m not getting much sound out of the connection unless I turn the Supernait way up. Even then, the sound is very low.

I have other 5-pin Din connections directly from Naim that have no issue.
Audioquest confirmed to me that they have used the current Naim 5-pin mapping.
Does anyone know if the mapping has changed since the nDAC?

Thanks in advance.

DIN mapping is a standard & never changes.
If another DiN cable does not have this issue then the AQ cable has a problem, it might be defective, or it might be made with an attenuation filter.

Is it the same result in other DIN sockets on your amp?

Easiest is to check continuity with a multimeter on the pins. Map the connected pins (if any) and that way you’ll know for sure.

FWIW I used an AQ Sydney DIN on the 252 end to connect a Rega Aria and this worked just fine

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