Audioquest Jitterbug and Atom.....No go?

I treated my Atom on a whim to an Audioquest Jitterbug FMJ dongle.
Plugged the Jbug into my Atom, then the usb from the HDD into the rear of the Jbug. Couldn’t be easier.

My Atom can’t see my USB HDD anymore…works perfect if I remove it. Thought all things plug n play USB would be easy …maybe not?


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Just check it isn’t meant to be plugged into the hard drive rather than the Atom. Could be directional.

HDD doesn’t have a USB A or B connection is a funny WB HHD connection. Ill double check your directional question tho…thanks

I suspect it’s designed to remove the power signal from a usb dac and only let the data get through. In which you would need to power the usb drive independently, but not sure how you would achieve that.

I suspect Robert may be right here, so plugging the HDD into the Jitterbug likely won’t work properly. Have you tried the Jitterbug in one USB socket and the USB drive in the other?

I have one and it allows power through from a computer or phone to power my dragonfly usb DAC.

Doesn’t make any difference to SQ but it lets power through.

Some success. It works, front and rear USB sockets but only with a passive HDD.
The HDD I was using was a mains powered USB device specifically as they should be less taxing on the Atom.

With a male USB on the front and a female on the rear directionality was never an issue.

I’m a bit puzzled as its designed to remove noise etc and I assumed a mains powered usb device would be a good candidate…Ill contact Audioquest on Monday…

Now I have it working, I need to decide if its a worthwhile component…

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I found the Jitterbug made an appreciable difference plugged from a laptop into a USB DAC, other than that i could not hear any noticeable improvements when plugged in anywhere else - ND5 XS 2/NDX 2/NAS. YMMV.

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