Audioquest powercable..?

• This is Audioquest NRG 10,.with DBS-systems.

:small_blue_diamond:A simple question,.have anyone tried Audioquest powercables…??


Yes i use NRG 3 and another one i can`t recall . i find they fit well in the iec and are reasonably good vfm

Quite a while ago I used AudioQuest AC 15 power cords. Very good, especially for the price, but equally illegal due to its solid core conductors and US-style color coded insulation (black, white and green instead of brown, blue and green/yellow). I think both are true for the current lineup.

Solid cores on a 6A cable to a movable mains powered item, now that’s really safe isn’t it! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That’s one of the reasons I switched to stranded power cords.

On the other hand, after watching a well nourished electrician pulling a solid core installation wire through a conduit using his whole weight (not to mention his less then generously sized underwear and the unwanted insight into certain body regions), I’m fairly sure that my AQ cords had a far lower chance of breaking.

It’s not going to break from a single event.
It’s that the larger diameter the strand(s) of the conductor(s) the more prone they are to metal fatigue, and without additives (e.g. beryllium) copper is very prone to metal fatigue even from small deflections.

I have tried audioquest thunder on my XPS (going into NDX)

Rest of system :
82 + SC

Sopra n1

Power Line Lite in all the rest

It’s… very very good

However the thickness of the cable stops me from buying it - they are so hard to manage! And so very thick

I won’t deny that the cable really dropped the “noise” level if that makes sense at all, suddenly everything is more solid and “in place”

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