Audioquest powerlines on CHORD dave anyone...?

hi all

finally got my DAVE into my system and am wanting to get a decent power cable for it (currently using a NAIM powerline which made a nice difference but am wanting to free that up to put on my NAP250)

been looking at the audioquest powerlines, namely thunder, tornado source or maybe hurricane source

reason for audio quest is plan on getting a niagara 1200/3000 power unit down the line and know they are meant to work best when combined

curious if any one has any experience with these cable or something similar like a CHORD sarum power cable on a DAVE

appreciate peeps views


The AQ are very good. I’ve used the Hurricane and the Tornado. I’d suggest you borrow a couple and try them out.

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I can not help you specifically with the Audioquest power cable, but my local dealer has a Dave at home, and he uses a Nordost Odin power chord on it, and said it makes a big improvement. He has these things laying around, since he is a dealer, but the cable costs more than the Dave, so not many will go that far I suspect. Bottom line, better than stock cables do improve the Dave. He also uses the Nordost QB8, Qkore and Nordost Odin speaker cables.

useful to know

just looked how much an Odin cable costs… :scream: :scream: :scream: is approaching new 552 money…

will try to demo a few lower down the scale ones :smile:

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out of interest what did you use them on and how would you attempt to describe impact sound wise please

Used them primarily on a AQ Niagara and an Auralic G1. Improvements: quieter, much lower noise floor, Increased dynamics and dimensionality.

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A Thunder is a huge relatively stiff cable - it’s too big and weighs too much for a Dave - believe me, I tried it.

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There are tweaks for this. It will bring an improvement or difference to the sound along the way too. The image below shows the Furutech NCF booster supporting the power cord at the plug. In this case, the cord doesn’t need any support but the NCF booster is there to provide a little boost to the sound.

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thanks for insight did you try something like the AQ tornado source cable as well (looks a bit less beefier)?


Love the optical bench chic. Very amusing !


useful to know

didn’t know what that thing was but seen pictures of DAVE users on head fi with one of these on the shunyata alpha NR anaconda thick type power cables going into the dack of a DAVE

Sorry, no, I didn’t.

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I can’t speak for the AQ Thunder or higher but I do have 3 AQ Monsoon cables here , one feeding a Niagara 3000 and 2 ATC Actives . I’m very impressed overall but as mentioned earlier they are quite heavy cables and not the easiest to cable manage if that’s a worry .

I’ve just seen the price of the Nordost Odin cable … absolutely insane IMO :joy:.


This device has dual function. Some power cords tend to form loose connections when connected to the component, and this tweak will help ensure a tight and firm connection at the back of the component. The other purpose is improving sound quality by reducing electromagnetic interference and static charge.

I’ve compared listening with and without the top piece as shown in the photos below and there is a noticeable difference in sound quality between the configurations. In my case the cord doesn’t need any support as it goes in firmly to the slot. I just wanted to try the device for its claimed audible benefits and it does work as advertised. I would be adding another piece albeit a different design to the DAC in due time.

Useful to know if i do go with a heavier aq cable (read a bit of more on head fi where a lot of dave users recommending this cable support approach with all sorts of uber beefy power cables)

What mains cables you using out of curiosity?


I currently have the Acrolink Mexcel 7N-PC9700. Planning for another one on the DAC but due to shortage of funds, will need to wait for a while. A Wireworld Elektra 7 is currently connected to the Chord DAC. It’s not the DAVE but a QBD76.

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