Audiovector R1 Signature Series

I didn’t specify which, as the Signature is more expensive and I realise you don’t want to overspend. I have the Signature and have not heard the standard. Did you ask if you can borrow some stands at the same time? If not, it’s a really good idea.

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i eard the standard with my UQ2 in 2016, and was my best in group.
i assume the Signature is even better…

Ah. Well I’ve got the normal ones so let’s how they fair first.

I’ve noticed a difference with the iso acoustic stands already. Least I think I have, not at first but after sitting down and listening for a while I did.

Didn’t ask for stands. That would have been an excellent idea. Shame I’ve just picked them up :man_facepalming:

As Billy Vee are local it’s well worth returning to get the stands. My only slight concern is should you use stands, and should you be restricted to keeping the full width of the shelf, then Tablettes may be a little far from the wall for optimal bass. But until you try, you won’t know.

I had similar placement compromises in my room and the Tab 10s just didn’t work at all but you may have more luck. Focal 906, Dynaudio Evoke 10 and PMC DB1 gold are all worth a try if you can demo. Most important thing for me was putting isoacoustic pucks beneath the speakers - made a huge difference.

That’s interesting. I’ve not bought the pucks but the stands so let’s see how they get on

I’m sure the stands will be just as good if not better.

Sadly I haven’t managed to try these yet. Today will be the day when I get home back though. I’m reading more reviews and wondered do they they only accept banana plugs? My klipsch are the screw type connections.

I can try and pick some up while I’m out if anyone would be kind enough to say which they have. Thanks

They’re up.

Had a few songs on them. Waiting to be impressed

Most noticeable improvement is the soundstage. Really good. Just feel like they lack a little base


if its the Proac X, they need to go close(r) to rear wall.
Best to remove the other speakers and maybe the flowers too.

What’s the X? Signature series?

I believe it’s a reference to the speakers being the Tablette 10. They are never referred to as X. They don’t ‘need’ to be against the wall, but probably work best that way. Mine are about 4” out, however Forum member @CrystalGipsy prefers his with a lot more space behind them.

For a number of reasons. They can’t go near to the wall due to the curtains as they are at the window end of the room and they are a hazzard to the misses when closing them and they just look rubbish. Also I get too much low end when too close. At moment they are not as far out as I have had them.

I did get in touch with Audiovector and they provided the following response:

“Thanks for your mail and interest in Audiovector

Regarding placement of the R 1 you are spot on with around 20 cm, so no worries there.”

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