Audiovector R3 Arrete / ATC SCM40A

Anyone compared these speakers? Which speaker did you prefer and why?

Apples and pears, no? The ATCs are active speakers and the Audiovectors are passive (apologies if I’ve got that wrong), so you’d need to add power amps to make a comparison. The choice of amp would then be likely to affect the results.

I think it’s hard to compare speakers in any “absolute” sense; that is, somehow trying to eliminate the effects of the other equipment in the chain. I find it much easier to compare whole systems.

And, confession time, I’ve not heard any Audiovector speakers.


True, I know it’s kind of apples with pears comparison. They are however in a similar priceclass so both are viable options to consider for some.
Perhaps if anyone heard the passive version vs the actives with a amp that can properly drive the arc’s that would also be welcome input.

I have the ATC SCM40A and have heard the Audiovector R3’s at my dealer, very nice speakers, lovely sound and finish. In the UK the Audiovectors plus a decent amp will be nearly twice the price of the ATC’s. Ultimate preference I guess would involve trying a few amp combinations.

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In all fairness, the Audiovectors + a NC250 for example would put you very close to SCM50ASLT territory, which is another ballgame altogether.

I think the 40’s punch far above their weight, to the point of being a bargain in hifi terms.


Just purchased NSC222/NAP 250 I will pair it with my Arrete R6 unable to audition amp as I purchased used hopefully I won’t be disappointed

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A speaker of that caliber deserves electronics that are higher up the scale, for the NC range a 332/300/350 is where you likely should have started.

Good luck! Please let us all
Know how it sounds.

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Happy owner of Audiovector Mi3 Arrete with NC 222/300/250.
Having owned the speakers from new (manufactured 2007).
The combo is a very good match, to my ears.

Have they arrived yet? Curious to hear your thoughts.

Speaker preference is so personal that this is a rather meaningless question. With speakers, one person’s love is another’s detest. And given that one is active, the other not(?), the latter will to some extent be influenced by amp choice.

My audio system is at my summer home and I don’t go there until mid May so I still have to pick up my NSC222/NAP250 and install them so will have to wait until then to review I am very excited to hear my first ever Naim equipment on my R6 Arrete

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