Auditioning Supernait 3 to replace XS3

Risking wallet damage by asking this question, what does the hicap do to the SN3?

More of everything! The sound is more open and cleaner with tighter bass and lovely highs. Do a search on here … it’s well documented.


Go for the new sn3 with no second thoughts.
I auditioned the xs3 with the flatcap & compared to the sn3 (without the hicap dr)
The sn3 is by far a better amplifier in all aspects: clarity, punch, speed, bass, even without the hicap dr.


Go for the refurbished SN3 and save the $500 for a hicap DR, you know you will end up there, If you demo with the hicap you’ll end up buying it as well :grinning:I did!


Yes, I recently added a Hicap to my SN2 and the improvement was similar (massive) to upgrading from the XS3 to the SN2. The SN2 has much more bass and controls it well. My speakers, Spendor A6, are an easy load, but still the upgrades are significant. I buy most of my gear second hand so wouldn’t have a problem with refurbs.


Get the new one.


Well, I bit the bullet and bought a brand new Supernait 3. Burning it in now. Sounds good straight off the bat.

The balance knob has a very slight bit of play. It is a touch loose when first turning it. Not offensively, but still apparent. Anyone have the same very slight looseness?

Volume knob seems perfect.


Enjoy your new SN3. Hope you love yours as much as I love mine.


My knobs are tight.

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Very nice!

As it’s brand new, and particularly given your decision vs refurbished, can you ask the dealer to take a look at it? Or just asking here in case “They all do that madam/sir.”?

Either way, enjoy it 8)

I’m trying to think sensible thoughts about laws of diminishing returns, and am going to listen to my XS3 for a bit :wink:


Good advice. I called the dealer and they said they would take a look.

I really enjoyed the XS3, just my ATC 11 V2s are so power hungry that they needed the mmph of the SN3.


Mine was similar, probably exactly the same as you describe it. Never really worried me and I thought of it more as a “normal” small play? Probably also because I never really used it apart from sometimes checking and making sure it’s in the middle. But probably could be tightened.


Thanks for the insight! Seems there is a degree of commonness to the issue.

I remember how mine always sounded good straight away but then a few weeks later just developed a greater sense of ease and effortlessness.

It was the same on both SN3’s I had as the first had a fault and was swapped out and went through the same process again.

Enjoy, it’s a cracking amp.


@jlow The knob should be tight. The volume knob on mine was so loose it slipped off. I was told by Naim to slightly widen the pin with some pliers. I did so with a degree of fear that I may damage it, but actually just the smallest of movement was sufficient for the pin to grip the volume knob when I put it back on. Please make sure your balance is centered before you take the knob off and then of course place the knob back on carefully to ensure the dot is centered. Will be difficult to take off again once you have performed the above technical magic.

Please do ask your dealer/Naim for confirmation before you do anything similar. Really no idea how it made it out of the factory.

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I have the same play with the volume knob as well along with balance knob, but when using the volume control motor with remote the play sometimes gets fixed and again returns when used manually.

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