Auralic Altair G1 connection to Supernait 2

Hello Naim enthusiasts,

I have an Auralic Altair G1 connected with a 0.6m Audioquest Yukon RCA cable to my SN2 and have read that the din connection is better than RCA.

What would be the best connection?
RCA to Din or XLR to Din?
Which brand and type cable?
Best is have at least 1m length?

Din from SN to RCA on Auralic.
Don’t know how good is your Yukon, but you can modify it to Din/ RCA.
If not Chord cables are often used here.

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You should use RCA rather than XLR as the latter is balanced, and it’s best not to mix balanced and unbalanced connections.

Naim will not make cables under 1 metre long as they say that it is detrimental to performance. Chord are the same with their DIN cables intended for use with Naim equipment.

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Thanks for the reply guys! . So RCA to din is the way to go!

I prefer to buy a new cable instead of modifying it

Going to look for a Chord Clearway or Audioquest Sydney 1 meter cable.

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The Chord ClearwayX ARAY seems like a perfect cable in 1 meter for me.

Do I need RCA to din or din to RCA?

I think RCA to din because the sound goes from Auralic RCA to SN2 din.

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RCA on Auralic, Din on Naim. 1m should be fine.

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@bruss can advise here .



Rca to din. :+1:


Have a look at the Vertere Redline RCA-DIN. superb cable,

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Thanks for the reply, the Vertere Redline RCA-DIN is out of my budget.

If it’s possible for you to do a trial run: try the chord shawline X series instead of the Clearway. Sounded better to my ears.

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I know its heresy on here but first get yourself a mid quality rca to din from ebay or amazon. After that the world’s your oyster in terms of silver, cryogenic , rolled on the thighs of vestal virgins interconnects. I find that a good quality cable with well terminated ends is sufficient. Each to their own though.


I found that Clearway sounds very thin compared to Shawline.

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Thanks, unfortunately I don’t have a dealer nearby so I cannot test the cable.

Maybe I need to stretch my budget and go for the Shawline X.

It is 330 euro in the Netherlands, the Clearway X is 169 euro and AudioQuest Sydney 279 euro all in 1 meter.

For my two pennyworth, consider a RCA to Din from the Atlas range.

Every cable of theirs I’ve heard seems to make a genuine difference to what you’re hearing, without switching back and forth over and over to perform an A/B test…

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Maybe I just buy the Mogami 2947 and save cash for real improvements like a HiCap DR.

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You can buy Mogami on Amazon so easy to return if not up to snuff. I still have Mogami speaker cable in system and did try an interconnect however snaic and Atlas options both sounded ‘fuller’.

I bought the Chord ClearwayX ARAY RCA-Din and it is a small improvement over the Audioquest Yukon RCA-RCA

I have bought the “Chord Clearway X” 1m RCA to Dinn to connect my Auralic Altair G1 to my SN2, it replaced an “Audioquest Yukon” 1m RCA to RCA cable.

Have it now for one week and I am not in pressed, in about two weeks I will change back to the RCA to RCA cable.

Next week I will also receive “Kudos KS-1” 2x4m speaker cable to replace my “AudioQuest X2” 2x2m speaker cable.