Auralic Upgrade

Hi folks,

My first post for a few years so please go easy on me.

I have been using an Aries Mini for about a year now to feed Qobuz and music from its external SSD to a TT2 by USB.

Does anybody have experience of going from a Mini to one of the new G1s in terms of it being a substantial or worthwhile upgrade for 2k?



I heard the Vega 2.1 last week and thought it was very good, it includes a pre-amp stage. Left me wondering that Naim are being left behind with the streamer/pre market. I haven’t heard the earlier models, the Aries looks interesting if you have a separate DAC. They are lovely builds too.

I went from 272/XPSDR to Auralic G2. I got fed up waiting for 272.2 and decided to jump. No regrets: it suits my tastes in music and it’s reproduction and I’m a very happy bunny.

To the OP, I would expect the G1 to outperform the Mini, by a significant margin. But the SQ of a streaming bridge/DAC combination is largely determined by the DAC, so whether it is worth the expenditure only an individual can really say. Can you audition?


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