Australia Day

Wishing all our Antipodean friends and members a great Australia :australia: Day

Have a good one

Special thanks also come from the England Cricket Test Team for not playing a Test Match down under tomorrow

Best wishes to you all




I’m not Australian….well, not quite:wink:

But hey, it’s a holiday…! :grinning: :wine_glass: :beer: :sunny:



I’m currently watching all of the ceremony on ABCTV here in Sydney.
It’s a big day here but not without controversy - a date change may be on the cards as 26th January is considered “invasion day” by many people. The date the first fleet landed in 1788.
Although the modern Australia Day includes a lot of Aboriginal content, it is still somewhat contentious.
I have full respect for the traditional custodians of the land, their elders past, present and emerging.
Many Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders lost their lives over the years, many through illness but also many murdered. Not a great history at the hands of the commonwealth settlers right up until the 1970s and beyond…


Thank you, I just wanted to wish people well.

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Thanks Ian while I enjoy celebrating Australia Day I do so with a little more circumspect these days.

I’d be more than happy to see it move to a less controversial date.


Thanks Pete

My knowledge of Australia Day is very limited

But hope you manage a few glasses of Langmeil, whilst I have what promises to be a chaotic day

Best wishes


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What is controversial about the date?


It’s the day that the British fleet landed and raised the Union Flag having claimed Australia as a British possession.

I looked it up after Pete’s comments

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See above.

Edit it was already inhabited


Exactly, many countries celebrate Independence Day and not the day the British arrived

Ah now there’s another issue we’re not independent, your King is still our sovereign.

Problem all this could be solved but it’s been turned political, and we all know where that leads.

Yes, let’s not forget that it’s the overwhelming desire of the membership and of Naim that there’s to be no political discussion here.

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Happy Straya days mates! True blue!


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