Auto switching sources on NDS XS2, NDX 2 and Uniti Atom

Hi all

I don’t have a naim product yet.

Currently setup with a pair of ATC SCM11s, Roksan Blak and a Node2.

Node2 handles streaming and TV by optical in.

Want to upgrade Node2 to NDS XS2, NDX 2 or Uniti Atom. I know that all of these auto-switch between sources automatically (ie. Can play a song via Spotify connect and then if start playing chrome cast it will autoswitch to this input).

Can someone please tell me how autoswitching works with optical input (in this case, from TV)?


You would need to select the optical input using the app.
The Uniti players have an HDMI ARC input which can be a good way to connect a TV, and that will auto switch when you turn on the TV, which can also control its volume. Unfortunately HDMI is not always implemented well by TV manufacturers, who often use it in a non-standard way, so it can be a bit unpredictable.

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