Automatic input switching

I’m currently using a SuperNait 3 in my main system while my 552 is on holiday in Salisbury. I plugged the ND555 into the streamer socket, the NAT01 into the tuner socket and the LP12 (Urika) into the CD socket. Now, if I’m listening to the tuner and select ‘play’ on my iPad for a track on the streamer, it automatically switches inputs from the tuner, but not to the streamer input, instead to the CD socket, to which is connected the turntable.

Input switching can be set up by selecting ‘pre’ on the remote, pressing and holding the ‘prog’ button until the LED in the volume knob flashes and then pressing the ‘mute’ button. Repeat presses on the mute button goes through a sequence of illuminated pairs (or three) of input selector buttons. Once the desired pair is illuminated, you press ‘prog’ again and the new setting should be stored.

Logically it would seem that I need ‘tuner’ and ‘stream’ input selector buttons to be paired if I want auto switching between tuner and streamer. However, no matter which group of LEDs I select, I cannot get it to do anything other than as described above, that is to switch to the ‘CD’ input, although music is being delivered to the ‘stream’ input.

Since it’s only a temporary arrangement, I have swapped the LP12 and ND555 plugs over so that the streamer is plugged into the CD input and the turntable in the stream input. It’s not a big issue, but has anyone been able to work it out and could explain how to do it?

You need to set the input that the streamer is connected to under system automation settings in the app.

Thanks, Nigel.

That assumes you have connected the system automation cable to the SN3. If you haven’t, then it’s an automatic input switching issue. Sorry, I may have confused things.

Yes I have connected the system automation cable and I will try what you suggest, although I’ll have to remember to reverse it (and how to) when the 552 returns. Right now it’s sort of ok with the streamer connected to the CD input and the turntable to the streamer input. But I would like to master the logic.

It’s just a case of opening the app and selecting the input to which you have the streamer connected. The app still thinks you are using the 552 and will be sending the signal to the equivalent input on the SN3. It’s logical if you think about it.

Thanks, I think I know what’s happening now. The difference is because the 552 doesn’t have a specific streamer input. Instead I have tbe streamer plugged into the input assigned to the CD selector button. That, I assume, is why the SN3 switches to the CD input. As you say, it’s logical. Thanks for your help.