AV bypass on NAC 202


I am trying to do the bypass. I have followed the instructions. Sound is passed to my Arcam AV40.
However, the volume control on the NAC202 has not been disabled (as described on the manual), meaning the bypass not working properly. Hence the two channels are not in sync with the rest of the remaining 3.1 in the case of 5.1

I would very much appreciate any help…Regards

Have you followed the instructions carefully;

To select Unity Gain, first switch the preamplifier into program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key (with the handset in preamplifier mode). The front panel source mute button (NAC 202 mute button) will illuminate if Unity Gain
is selected. If it is not enabled it can be switched on by pressing the same mute button twice.

Unity Gain only becomes operational on exit from program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key.

note: The preamplifier will leave program mode automatically if no control commands are receved for five minutes.

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Yes I followed.
Whilst my NAC202 is in AV mode, I first press the “pre” button on the remote, followed by holding the “prog”. At which point my “mute” and “aux1” will come on with the LED on the volume control flashing. After I let go of the “prog” the selection reverts back to “av”.
To get out of “prog” I hold it again. This time the flashing LED on the volume control disappears.

Try re-setting to defaults first. Then try again.

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Seems to be working now. Thanks for your help

Hope I can ask another question…
Current setr up - Naim Nait FlatCap XS / NAP 200 / NAC 202
If I had 3k, and wanted to improve the sound, what would you recommend? Much obliged

Whats the main source? Source apart, I’d definitely be looking at a NAPSC and a HICAP.

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Apologies for the late response. My source is a dedicated HTPC built with a special audiophile motherboard from SoTM. Seperate LPS plus SoTM network player and a Denefrips DAC.


Where do I connect the NAPSC and HiCap to?

The NAC202 manual will show you where to connect into the back of the NAC202.

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Should I buy a hicap plus a NAP250 and wait to upgrade to a NAC 282 at some point OR

NAP250 plus NAC272 with XPS

Thanks for your view / advice

Provided your source is up to it, I would recommend a HICAP or a NAC282 before the NAP250. The NAC202 and NAP250 can sound a bit unbalanced, a NAC282 and NAP200 is far preferable for similar outlay. A NAP250 really wants a NAC282 or above to work at its most effective.

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Thanks Richard. Sound advice
For financial reasons I have to just buy the hicap and the 250. Picking those up on Friday.
Once I have the funds, I will definitely get the 282.
Two questions to ask.

  1. can I still use my FlatCap? (New setup will be HiCap/202/250)

  2. Can I use my 200 as a mono for my AV Center channel?

Thx again

With the HICAP the Flatcap is redundant. You could use it for something else though such as a Phono stage (Stageline) or Headphone amp (Headline), or to power the analogue output stage of a suitable Naim CD player (CD3.5/5/5x/5xs).

You could use the NAP200 for the AV centre channel speaker. Just use one of the channels, or if you were very creative with the DIN input you could even bi-amp, but be VERY careful of the powered 24V DC output on one of the DIN pins on the NAP200…

Thanks for your patience and help. Much appreciated Richard

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