Av Options now making interconnects for Naim

Yes. Roughly similar to the price of a Hiline, but much less than a Superlumina.

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I have pricing for AVO cables to replace my HiLine DIN 4-5 and DIN 5-5. The latter is now broken for a second time (not due to user error). It was finally sent off for repair (after delays from Focal N.A. just getting a repair ticket for my dealer). Hopefully it will be a no charge repair. If not, I’m done with Naim getting my money.

Anyway, I’m giving serious consideration to getting the AVO DIN ICs and selling my HiLines to the next sucker.


Yes, I’m quite sure if Schrödinger had a Naim system as an enterprising physicist, instead of the Cat made famous, it would be the HiLine. Is the HiLine broken or functioning? Well, just look at it.

I ordered a DIN 4-5 to replace the HiLine on my Superline. I have the OEM lavender on my NDX2 while the HiLine DIN 5-5 is gone for repair. I think when it comes back I’ll just leave the lavender on and sell both HiLine cables.


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