AV upgrade (from Linn) - Anthem AV + Kudos?

Music system is Naim active in a dedicated room, that doesn’t usually have a tv. For coronation, Wimbledon and lately the Proms, it is clear, via an Apple tv box to smallish LG tv and then toslink to my Naim streamer, the sound from the source is excellent.
For AV in my study, I have a Linn (long story*) based 5.1 system with a larger LG tv. The system is some years old, and fairly basic, so I could improve the sound and connectivity. REL9 sub stays as does Oppo 205 4k + Apple tv 4k, + a Sky HD box, (with sound via toslink not HDMI).
Under consideration, Anthem processor AVM 70 / 90, using a Naim NAP for front pair of speakers+ Anthem MCA 325 GEN 2 which is a 3 channel amp for centre and rears. I have no desire to install anything more than 5.1 - current wiring is already totally hidden. The rear speakers will be again wall mounted, no option.
Speakers potentially Kudos front, rear and I believe they will do a single channel speaker to special order, so choice of front speakers might be 20A, 505 or 606s + NAP250DR or a NAP300DR.

Anyone able to suggest options for alternatives for the processor and the choice of speakers?
I have listened a while ago to PMC, my preference then was ProAc. Recent comments elsewhere on the forum suggest Kudos usually surpasses ProAc. Budget is a VFM issue rather than specific; ex-dem or used would be a poss.
I could retain the rear Linn speakers, on wall brackets from the current set up which is my current Linn AV system, all ex demo or s/h and was updated from an earlier system I used when living abroad for a time.

So currently * Linn Akurate 5.1 processor + 5125 x 2 into activ Linn Ninkas (front) and active Linn Trikan with passive Linn Katan rears (+ REL sub).

Appreciate any thoughts - apart from the stereo v surround sound issue or debate.

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