AV2 replacement

Hi everyone haven’t been lurking here for a while, everything’s changes and I lost my log in as well !

So new but not really…

Anyhow I’m now going to have to accept that my days of analogue out from a player are over. I have an AV audio set up I’m very happy with Denon 3800 analogue out to AV2 F,R driven by an old 32.5/supercap which in line does sound better for AV than just the AV2. Then the AV2 feeds 7 135’s which feed a 5.1 Sonus Faber set up. Extrema front, elects amator rear and Cremona sub and centre.

I have tried the Oppo 205 and Panasonic 9000 to replace my Denon 3800 for 4K picture and hopefully as good analogue out… Alas the 3800 blows the only current analogue out 4K options into the weeds.

So I’m thinking it’s time for a HD processor and run HDMI in for audio. I don’t need video to touch the audio as it goes straight from the player to a Lumagen and then projector. So I’ll buy a good 4K machine with two HDMI out and send one to the Lumagen and one to the ‘new’ to me HD processor. I’m thinking of something like an old Anthem, Classe, Lexicon etc.

Anyone comment on the Classe 800. Realistically I will only use this for film so 2 channel is less of an issue for me, the processor will only need to decode HD audio and feed 5.1

Thoughts, experience and suggestions much appreciated

I run the same Denon 3800 with analogue out into an AV2. No plans to change for 4k yet but surprised the Oppo 205 & Panasonic 9000 can’t compete with the Denon in analogue out mode. Whatever happened to progress?

Yes, I agree. I understand the Oppo can be improved with power supply upgrades. Alas I wasn’t prepared to experiment given the cost and reputation of the Opportunity. The 9000 an 900 don’t even have speaker distance adjustments. The Oppo sounds very lean, etched and overly analytical. Not what I want in my system.


Are you sure the Panasonic 4K players can’t be tweaked via the channel delay trim which acts in the same way as changing distance settings? I did ask this on the other forum where you raised this question.

The Classe SSP-800 would be hard to beat if you can find one. I kind of regret not getting one when I had the chance of picking one up an ex demo unit for £4k, settling for the Sigma instead. There is a guy over on AVS who still uses the 800 in combination with a 4K Atmos processor (Anthem AVM60) because it still sounds better than most current processors unless you move into Trinnov, Lyngdorf or SL systems.

It’s worth speaking to Nick at Homesound who I bought the Classe from as he has a wealth of experience and comes highly recommended.

Felty, Hi

Yes sorry if I didn’t reply an AVforums. The levels can be set apart from the sub (doesn’t seem to cycle through with the test tone to the sub, just skips past) and perhaps I could calculate the delay by working out the difference in distance between the speaker and adding delay by a bit of science if I recall 1 foot is just over 1MS. I don’t think there was any sub delay either.

I’ll give Homesound a call. I was impressed by Lyngdorf for AV using the SP-50, but that is £12k !

I have decided to buy the Panasonic and see how I get on. I’ll make up phono RCA to 135 leads and start looking at processors as well if I am still unhappy with the downgrade with audio from the Denon


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