Av2 set up with 2x Nap 300 and 252

Ok so I’m seeing an AV2 at what I think is a reasonable price. I’ve read that it can be connected to my 252. So here the thing that’s supporting a 242 hicap combination running 2x nap 300 into my Kudos Titan 606. So active
I also have two Nap 200’s and pair of Rogers SL3/5a that I’ve been reluctant to part with, love the way they support voices and acoustic material to bits​:ok_hand: so these could be used as quality rear speakers in a surround set up potentially when I’m watching films that way I get to keep them and can always switch things around at later stage. I would then need a good sub possible a naim version and a center speaker. So a few questions here really, like dose the lead that comes with the AV2 support a connection to my 252 and if not can somebody tell me what cable I’m going to need to buy :thinking: If get the AV2 will my 2x nap 200’s work with the AV2 how would that lot connect together. Like would the AV2 just run the Sub :thinking: I Have absolutely no idea how this would all work together :joy: But I’m guessing I would run my sky optical or digital connection to my NBX BT or would I have to run my sky box to directly to the AVT :thinking::thinking::thinking: and turn to my NBX BT, SPX combination and then connect that to the 252?? Yep I know before somebody says the NDX BT and the SPX is my weakest link but I will get to the NDX2 or the NDS at some point.

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the AV2 should come with the din/din cable to connect to the pre-amp.
Its not a standard din/din. i think L/R are swaped!!
note: the av2 will not decode atmos, downgrades it to dolby digial, i think!! :roll_eyes:

Oh ok old hat then, Shame it can be upgrade to include that by some bright spark with Mod :thinking:

I guess the next question needs to be what could I use that would do that and enable me to use my nap 200’s :thinking:

You need the reverse interconnect (IIRC it has a yellow band). It should come as standard with the AV2 but secondhand, who knows? This allows a two-way connection between the AV2 and your NAC252, so if you wish to channel your vinyl or your CDs through the AV2’s processing then you can do that.

The NAP200s will work fine - one for rears and one for surrounds.

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So what about the Sub would that be managed by the AV2 then so are you suggesting that one nap 200 would run the rest speakers and the other would run the centre speaker :thinking:

Rear speakers even

The AV2 has a .1 LFE output for a subwoofer.

You’ll need a mono amp for the centre speaker. Naim used to offer a NAPV145 for this which was a single channel version of the NAP250. Alternatively you could use a NAPV175 which was a sort of 3 channel version of the NAP150, but without the pre-amp power supply. This could be used for centre and either surround or rear use depending on how many channels you were running (5 or 7).

Sorry, I thought you wanted to use two NAP200s so assumed you were looking at a system with both surrounds and rears - i.e. 6 or 7 channel (the AV2 is 7.1 capable).

I run my AV2 with separate amps for the surrounds and rears and use the multichannel input for the audio (analogue in)

My naim connections are the three DIN on the top that feed to and from my naim pre amp (in my case supercap, 32.5) and two leads that feed RCA from my blu-ray player to the AV2 (4 RCA>1 Din). The sub via RCA and the three DIN at the bottom which feed the amps for surround, centre and rears. I made the connections up I am sure many companies can build a lead with the right connections


Do you have the manual ? page 10,11 covers the set up when using the multiple mode input for 6 and 8 channel analogue in the connections I use are rear out, centre out and surround out top left on the diagram and above pic and analogue VI1 and VI2 in multiple mode and analogue in 3 to connect to and from the pre amp shown on the bottom in the diagram

No need to be sorry I was just wounding if I could integrate what I already have an add what else I need sounds like I just need the mono amp for the center channel then. Still not sure about the Sub the AV2 has a line out for that.

Sub out is (.1 LFE), and the AV2 has a dedicated output for that via a single RCA phono.

If you also want to use a sub for 2 channel music then it’s probably best also connected from the speakers in the usual Naim manner. Obviously make sure your sub can be used in different modes with both LFE and high/low full range inputs connected at the same time.

Oh now you’ve got me thinking again as much as I like the kudus Titan 606 I was wondering if get and even better bass performance with a hi-end sub :thinking:So am I right in thinking that that can or could be achieved with the AV2 connected to my 252, 242, 2 x 300 active setup. Basically two Chanel’s running in active and the sub in passive from the AV2, now that could be be interesting and affordable route to an even better sound :thinking:
No harm in asking no matter how silly it might sound I figure. When you don’t no what’s what, what other option do you, but to ask :joy: